We cover a wide range of immigration services and programs. In fact, there are over 80 pathways to immigrate to Canada. Whether you have a few questions or would like an authorized representative to be with you from start to finish, TSC Immigration Services can help you on your journey. We would like to invite you to complete a short questionnaire to better understand your unique immigration needs. After reviewing, we will contact you with feedback in 2 to 3 business days.


Our Services include:

  • Consultation, in Person, by Phone, or Online - If you have specific questions about your case or need advice on how and where to start, we are here to answer your questions and to give you an in-depth look at your options.
  • Immigration Representation from A to Z - Immigration can be a complicated and confusing process. Whether you feel more comfortable with having a licensed professional representing you, or you lack the time, we will be there with you from start to finish. Our services include your eligibility assessment, advice on overcoming eligibility barriers, filling the application forms on your behalf, providing a submission letters to the Canadian government, tracking your application’s progress, and making sure everything is done in accordance to Canadian immigration laws.
  • Business Streams - Canada offers a range of immigration programs designed for small and large business owners and investors. We also provide business development support if you are interested in coming to Canada as an entrepreneur.
  • Post Immigration - We can help you settle in Canada by offering advice on health care, banking, or purchasing a home or business. If you require assistance, we will be there to guide you in your new surroundings. We offer guided tours and valuable connections in Canada.

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Contact us today to discuss your unique immigration situation. We will breakdown your options and design a personalized immigration roadmap. We are available to meet in person, or communicate online, or by phone.