Why do Business in Canada?

Canada has one of the soundest financial and banking segments in the world, according to the World Bank;

  Lowest corruption and highest transparency in government in the world;

  Low personal income and corporate tax rates - bellow OECD average;

  Access to a highly educated workforce;

Incredible market access – US, Mexico, EU, by proximity and strong economic trade agreements;

Simplicity in finances: transferring international money, accessing Canadian loans, attracting investment capital, buying property are all easy in Canada;

Canada is known for education, peace, and safety. The cost of living and education is significantly lower than in other developed countries. For these reasons, Canada has become a desirable destination for investors, students, and skilled workers.

Come to Canada by investing in a business – your benefits will include:

  PR status for you and accompanying family
  Qualify for citizenship in 3 years
  The ability to maintain 2 nationalities
⇒  The right to live and establish your business anywhere in Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal...
  School-aged children can go to school for free
University students only pay 1/3 of tuition compared to international students
  Own property in Canada
Qualify for business investment programs and Canadian bank loans while in Canada
  You and your family can enter Canada an unlimited number of times without additional visas


The following are the general requirements for each of the main three Federal Business Immigration programs.


  • Minimum 51% ownership of a business
  • Jobs for Canadians must be created
  • Investment commitment should be at least C$250,000 (can be paid in installments)
  • Lower investment necessary if more than 5 to 6 high paying jobs are created immediately
  • No Net Worth Requirement, no Source of Funds requirement
  • Salary must meet industry levels but can be paid as dividends or retained earnings
  • Work permit possible (within 2-3 months)
  • Immediate 200 points for Express Entry
  • PR in less than 12 months (including family)
  • English level requirement – CLB 7 or IELTS 6, can be completed in Canada
  • Live and Invest anywhere in Canada


  • No LMIA required
  • Minimum investment of at least C$250,000
  • Must show the source of funds
  • Can bring additional persons to work in the business
  • All European countries, including UK; US, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Viet Nam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand
  • After 12 months on Work Permit, 200 points for Express Entry
  • Live and Invest anywhere in Canada

Intra-Company Transfer + PR

  • No LMIA required
  • No minimum investment
  • Off-shore company and Canadian company must be in an ownership and control relationship
  • Applicant must have worked for the company for a least 12 months outside of Canada within the last three years
  • Off-shore company must be able to afford setting up and supporting the company in Canada
  • Off-shore Company must stay in business
  • Additional key employees can also be transferred to Canada
  • After 12 months on Work Permit, 200 points for Express Entry
  • Live and Invest anywhere in Canada


We can recommend business opportunities through our network of business brokers. The most important factors in purchasing a business includes learning about all the available options and having a broker who can respond professionally to any and all inquiries. It is especially helpful to have individuals who know both the commercial real estate business and the immigration programs that can be supported by buying a commercial property.  Many properties are not listed publicly, because the owners do not want their staff or competitors to know that they are retiring or leaving the business. So, having an experienced broker with an extensive network is very important.

Franchising can help overcome many obstacles newcomers may face by providing proven business concepts and support in exchange for a franchise fee.


A thorough and professional business plan is an essential part of a business investor application.  We work with a network of professional BI writers who have specific experience in immigration cases. Your business plan will be developed to meet immigration requirements.


Additional business program options:

Start-Ups Visa

    • Come to Canada as an entrepreneur and start your own business
    • All types of businesses are eligible under the Start-up Visa Program
    • Your business can be 100% funded by Canadian investors
    • Language requirements – IELTS level 5
    • Click here to learn more...

Provincial PNP

    • Invest in a well-established turnkey business
    • Minimum investment of only $250,000 CAD for the NB Entrepreneur Stream
    • Must have 3-5 years of experience managing and owning a business
    • Must be between 22 and 55 years old
    • Language requirements – IELTS level 5
    • Click here to learn more...

Self-Employed Person

Come to Canada as a self-employed professional with 2 years of experience as a:

    • graphic designer, artist, writer, actor, journalist, musician, or other artistic occupation, or as a;
    • coach, athlete, sporting official, sporting instructor, or other athletic occupation
    • No minimum language requirements
    • Click here to learn more...

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