Why do Business in Canada?

  • Canada has one of the soundest financial and banking segments in the world, according to the World Bank;
  • Lowest corruption and highest transparency in government in the world;
  • Low personal income and corporate tax rates - bellow OECD average;
  • Access to a highly educated workforce;
  • Incredible market access – US, Mexico, EU, by proximity and strong economic trade agreements;
  • Simplicity in finances: transferring international money, accessing Canadian loans, attracting investment capital, buying property are all easy in Canada;

The programs:

1. Start-Ups

    • Come to Canada as an entrepreneur and start your own business
    • All types of businesses are eligible under the Start-up Visa Program
    • Your business can be 100% funded by Canadian investors
    • Language requirements – IELTS level 5
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2. Buy an Existing Business (Provincial PNP)

    • Invest in a well-established turnkey business
    • Minimum investment of only $250,000 CAD for the NB Entrepreneur Stream
    • Must have 3-5 years of experience managing and owning a business
    • Must be between 22 and 55 years old
    • Language requirements – IELTS level 5
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3. Self-Employed Person

Come to Canada as a self-employed professional with 2 years of experience as a:

    • graphic designer, artist, writer, actor, journalist, musician, or other artistic occupation, or as a;
    • coach, athlete, sporting official, sporting instructor, or other athletic occupation
    • No minimum language requirements
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Contact us Today for a Consultation - our services include:

  • Business plan development support
  • Organized tours with introductions to businesses and partners in Canada
  • Completing immigration paperwork - ensuring a fast process and a high success rate
  • Interfacing with the Canadian government on your behalf
  • In-Canada training and business development support